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Terms & Conditions - Eleanor Home

Terms & Conditions

Eleanor Home sale and delivery Terms and conditions Valid from 1st January 2020



These sales and delivery terms and conditions apply to all offers, order confirmations and deliveries for products of Eleanor Home (hereafter Products) purchased by a customer (hereafter Customer) unless otherwise agreed in writing between Customer and Eleanor Home.


Prices are defined in Eleanor Home’s list price applicable at the time of the offer or order confirmation. All indicated prices are exclusive of transport, specific packaging, VAT, taxes and duties and any handling charges. Eleanor Home may at all times change the prices without notice.

Minimum order for the first purchase at Eleanor Home: 1000 Euro or 7500 DKK

Minimum order for reordering from Eleanor Home: 500 Euro or 3750 DKK

If Eleanor Home is responsible for it, transportation costs to destination in Western Europe will amount to 10% of the total amount of Products ordered.


Eleanor Home requires upfront payment based on pro-forma invoices unless agreed otherwise between Customer and Eleanor Home.

In case of agreed payment upon invoice, invoices are issued upon delivery and due for payment 14 days after the stipulated date of issuance. In case delivery cannot be made at the agreed date because of circumstances due to Customer, invoices are still due for payment upon the term indicated above. In the event that Customer does not pay an invoice on due date, Eleanor Home is entitled to withhold further deliveries to the Customer and to demand prepayment equivalent to 50% of the value of products for further deliveries.

Up-front payment of part of or whole the amount of an order are non refundable under any circumstances including, but not limited to, order cancellation or order modification.

In the event of late payment, interest at the rate of 1.5% per month will be charged on the amount due.

Eleanor Home is entitled to charge the Customer an administration fee of DKK 100 or € 15 per letter requesting due payments.

If the Customer’s payment pattern changes materially after the order has been placed, if a credit rating shows that there is an increased risk for the Customer’s business or if other circumstances imply that the Customer’s financial situation has changed, agreed invoicing and payment terms shall be reviewed.

Customer shall not be entitled to set off or withhold any part of the purchase price due to counterclaims unless approved in writing by Eleanor Home. Withholding of payment without the Eleanor Home’s prior written consent shall be considered a mate-rial breach of the Eleanor Home’s terms and conditions.


Provided that delivery has not been made, Customer may change or cancel the order.

Once the order has been shipped from Eleanor Home’s warehouse, or once a pre-payment of part or whole of the amount of the order has been paid to Eleanor Home, Customer is not entitled to change or cancel the order.

Cancellation or change of orders must be notified in written by e-mail or postal mail.


Return of Products is not accepted after delivery unless agreed by Eleanor Home or unless a defective, damaged or missing Product is signaled by Customer no later than 3 days following delivery to Customer.

Defective Products

The Customer must send pictures of defective Products to Eleanor Home within 3 days of delivery and Eleanor Home must notify Customer of its acceptance of the defect.

If it is agreed that Products are defective, Eleanor Home and Customer shall agree on how to dispose of defective Products and Customer shall be credited for value of defective Products.

Return of non defective Products

If it is agreed by Eleanor Home that Products are eligible for return, such Products shall be as new as when delivered, non-defective and in the original and unbroken packaging.

Agreed returns for non defective Products are credited to Customer minus return transport costs and minus a fee of 15% of Products value to cover handling fee and reconditioning.


Eleanor Home cannot be held liable for minor differences between Products delivered and:

  • Samples presented to Customer prior to their order,
  • Products previously delivered to Customer,
  • Products as presented in marketing materials including Product catalogues, pictures of Products in projects…etc.

including, but not limited to, minor changes in color, color shades, material texture, material…etc that can occur between different production series.

Minor differences as described above shall not entitle Customer to return Products and shall not be considered as defects.


Products are delivered by Eleanor Home from its different stock locations. Transportation is at the Customer’s expense and risk.

Eleanor Home is entitled to make delivery of an order by instalments without asking prior approval from Customer.

Time of delivery usually occurs within 30 days of order confirmation unless stipulated otherwise in Eleanor Home’s written order confirmation. Eleanor Home reserves its right to prolong the delivery time. Such prolongation shall not entitle the Customer to cancel the order.

Delivery is made at the Customer’s address unless the Customer has requested, in written, delivery at another address, prior to the order delivery.

If the Customer requires delivery at another address after the order has been sent out from Eleanor Home stock, Customer will be charged with any additional transport costs.

Transportation company report is considered proof of delivery.


Any notice of complaint from Customer concerning defective Products, late delivery or any other claim regarding Products shall be made directly to Eleanor Home in written within eight days of delivery unless indicated otherwise in these terms and conditions.

If this is not the case, any claim arising at a later date will be forfeited.

Late delivery caused by third party, including but not limited to circumstances with suppliers, carrier or forwarding agent, shall not constitute breach and shall not entitle Customer to remedy for breach.

Eleanor Home is not obliged to compensate indirect losses, consequential losses or the like suffered by Customer.

Immediately upon receipt and before the articles are put to use, Customer shall inspect the Products delivered to ensure that they are non-defective. Complaints about defects, including erroneous delivered quantities, which are or should have been verified by such inspection, shall be notified immediately after delivery of the Products.

Eleanor Home is not liable for damage caused by incorrect or inappropriate use of the delivered Products.

Eleanor Home is not liable for any defects in the Products, except as stipulated in the Danish law on product liability.

Customer’s claim for remedy, replacement delivery or cancellation shall lapse if the Products have not been stored or used correctly or in the usual way.

Under any circumstances, Eleanor Home’s liability is limited to the invoiced value of the Products. Eleanor Home’s liability shall be waived in case of force majeure.


In case of Customer’s breach of these terms and conditions, Eleanor Home is entitled to cancel future deliveries and to claim compensation according to Danish law.


In the event of force majeure, including but not limited to strike or lockout, fire, water damage, breakdown, power failure, acts of terrorism, war and war-like circumstances, non-delivery or late delivery of supplies or other similar delivery difficulties, including sub-suppliers’ force majeure, Eleanor Home may at its own discretion cancel the order or delay delivery without Customer being entitled to any compensation.


Any dispute between the parties shall be settled in accordance with Danish law by the City Court of Copenhagen.


Eleanor Home shall reserve the title to and ownership of the goods delivered until such time as payment of the purchase price, accrued interest and costs has been made.


Sales and deliveries outside the EU are exclusive of VAT and any other local custom and country taxes, and Customer undertakes settlement of duty, taxes and VAT

Terms & Conditions - Eleanor Home