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  • the beginning

    a flat plate of aluminium

  • dedication & experience

    ... are key ingredients

  • in the making…

    half way there

  • the rack!

    a tool for every detail

  • streching the aluminium

    it takes skill and time

  • final round

    nearly done on the lathe

  • getting there

    everything is in shape now

  • thoroughly inspected!

    before final approval

  • bright and shiny

    ... before the paintjob

  • ready for the oven

    ...the final treatment

  • painted by hand

    Globe Light getting a black coat


handmade in denmark and in line with industry standards (CE, IP)
All our lamps are CE-certified and all outdoor lamps are also IPx3 certified. The manufacturing, painting and assembly are done by hand in Denmark to ensure high quality and reactivity. All lamps are delivered with weather resistant coating, high end quality wires and porcelain bulb sockets.